A Tokyo “The form I have never seen”

Il maestro Nakajima Hiroyuki presenta una nuova mostra a Tokyo. Lo spazio espositivo “Ikkyo-An” è una casa giapponese in stile tradizionale registrata come bene culturale nazionale.

Exhibition “the form I have never seen“

It is not something to build up out of one’s head
It is something that happens to appear through one’s hands and feet

From: May 15th to 18th, 2014 11:00〜19:00
At: National Tangible Cultural Property ”Ikkyo- An”
2-8-22 Shouan, Suginami Ward, Tokyo 167-0054
Tel +81 80 4598 1491


” the form I have never seen ”

Now, a lot of information is going around us and we are mad for information. But on the other hand, how much do we know about ourselves. One’s usual self in daily life is just the tip of the iceberg. Ourselves that we have not seen yet lies under the water. Instead of pursuing something outside, I cultivate my internal world deeply to encounter my unknown self.
” There is myself under the ground I have never seen. He always asks me to let out from the ground. I want to dig him up. I shake off my habit to encounter my unknown self.” This is the words in “Think by Hands and Feet” written by potter Kawai Kanjirou.
When I am deeply absorbed in making a work, an exceptional piece sometimes happens to be born. It is certain that I did make it, but I do not really feel that I have done it. It is so excellent that I am not likely to make it again. This is the happy moment the highest quality was born from quantities of works. At that instant, I can feel as if my unknown self appeared just in front of me.
“It is not something to build up out of one’s head, it is something that happens to appear through one’s hands and feet.” I began to consider that good works should be like this. Taking the effect of accidental nature into my works beyond all desires and ambitions, I hope I could bring an unknown shape into existence and encounter my unknown self.
It is uncertain whether I can successfully get something unexploded or just end up with something odd. I continued to repeat trial and error in this hairsbreadth distinction.
All of works in the exhibition were born under this idea. I hope many people would come to see them.
Hiroyuki Nakajima


Sho no Shitsurai

A Tokyo il maestro Nakajima Hiroyuki  (http://www.sho-jp.com) presenta la mostra
“Sho no Shitsurai”


Il termine “Shitsurai” si riferisce alla pratica tradizionale di decorare una stanza per un’occasione speciale. Trenta opere degli allievi saranno collocate nell’ambiente di una casa giapponese tradizionale, in modo che le scelte individuali di ciascuno trovino la collocazione più appropriata.  

“I intend to arrange each works (thirty works) on suitable place in the traditional Japanese house. Since students decided what and how they express by themselves, their works are rich in variety in comparison to other Group exhibitions.” Nakajima Hiroyuki








“Sho no Shitsurai”
Dal 4 al 6 ottobre, ore 11:00-1900
Ikkyo-An 2-8-22 Shouan Suginami-ku
Tokyo 167-0054