Mostra AIIS 2022


Art of Ink International Society (​AIIS)
presenta la mostra The Embodied Line

Japan Center,
East Mall, 22 Peace Plaza
San Francisco, California 94115 (USA)
April 9-10 and 16-17, 2022
Reception April 9, 2-4 pm

Hammerfriar Gallery
132 Mill Street, Suite 101
Healdsburg, California 95448 (USA)
May 7-June 12, 2022
Reception May 7, 2022, 2-4 pm

Online Exhibition:

Hanno partecipato i nostri calligrafi Bruno Riva, Katia Bagnoli Riva, Carmen Covito, Morena Mauri, Laura Serri, Claudia Verri.


Bruno Riva
“Mottainai and Ink”
Triptych, Calligraphy collages on canvas, 2022
55.1×15.7 in.

Three autonomous collages on canvas form a single work and are made with my original calligraphies.
Above: the kanji Ink 墨.
Middle: a kana poem by Yosa Buson 与謝 蕪村
Kiku no tsuyu ukete suzuri no inochi kana
The ink stone received / dew from chrysanthemums / may it prolong life
Below: Mottainai 勿體(体)無い in a personal form of kinbun 金文 script.
This triptych, especially made in 2022 per AIIS exhibition, continues the discourse begun a few years ago on the theme Mottainai, or the non-waste, and recovery of every object until its last chance to exist and still give something.
勿体無い The term in japanese conveys a sense of regret over waste; the exclamation “mottainai!” can translate as “What a waste!”

Katia Bagnoli Riva
“Paper Leaves”
(15.7×43.3 in.)
Calligraphy collages on canvas, 2022
Paper Leaves consists of three independent elements in dialogue with
each other. Every scrap of paper, even the leftovers, speak to me.
In the first one a poem by Masaoka Shiki 正岡子規
夏嵐なつあらし 机上きじょうの白紙はくし 飛とび尽つくす。
natsu arashi / kijou no hakushi / tobi tsukusu
A summer storm / the papers upon my desk / are blown away.
And four kana poems from Hyakunin isshu 百人一首.
In the second the famous four characters chinese aphorism. The Man departs – there remains his Shadow. 人去留影.
In the third the kanji “KAMI” 紙, paper, written over a collage made with original calligraphies.
Every single element bears my signature and seal.


Carmen Covito
“Urged On By The Broad Bean Flowers, I Change From Winter Clothes”

Urged on by the broad bean flowers,
I change from winter clothes.
Poem by Kobayashi Issa 小林 一茶 (1763-1828)
(12.7×53.14 in.)
Ink on paper, 2019

Morena Mauri
“The Difficulty of the Shu Road”
The Difficulty of the Shu Road
A Poem by Lǐ Bái (Li Po) 李白 (701-762)
(13×53 in.)
Ink on paper, 2018

The difficulty of the Shu Road, is as difficult climbing the blue sky!
Make a person hear this and the colour drains from their face.
A chain of peaks less than a foot away from Heaven;
Withered pine trees hang inverted on the precipice.

  Claudia Verri
“How Cool the Breeze/The Empty Sky is Filled with the Sound of the Pines”
Fragment of poem by Uejima Onitsura 上島 鬼貫 (1661-1738)
“Suzu kaze ya koku ni michite matsu no koe”
How cool the breeze/The empty sky is filled with the sound of the pines
(12.99×29.53 in.)
Watercolor, Ink and Chlorophyllin on paper, 2022
Laura Serri
“Unlimited, Infinite Space and Time”
寓( 宇) 宙洪荒
Unlimited, Infinite Space and Time
(11×30 in.)
Watercolor and ink on paper, 2022