Personale di Nakajima Hiroyuki a Hong Kong segnala con piacere la mostra personale a Hong Kong del maestro giapponese Nakajima Hiroyuki, grande artista che ha spesso collaborato con la nostra Associazione. Una parte dei proventi delle vendite delle opere sarà destinata all’Unicef.


“LIFE / 生”

solo exhibition by Nakajima Hiroyuki

Opening Reception
10 Aug 2019 (Saturday) 4pm-6pm
Exhibition Duration
10 Aug – 14 Sep 2019, Tue – Sat: 11am – 6pm

Unit 17A, 17/F, Regency Centre Phase 2
43 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


Art Projects Gallery is proud to present “LIFE / 生”, a solo exhibition by Nakajima Hiroyuki. In the “LIFE / 生” series, he had the idea to express the diversity of society, writing multiple iterations of the calligraphic character “生” (same character in both Japanese Kanji and Chinese), which means “Life” in English, each on a different piece of paper or canvas sourced from all over the world. For Nakajima, each character resembles an individual and the diversity of the materials on which they are written with the unique calligraphic forms being expressed are symbolic of the multitude of possibilities of life.
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of artworks in this exhibition will be given to Unicef (Hong Kong) to support their efforts in advancing the well-being of every child, especially the most disadvantaged. 

Artist’s Statement 
In 2009, I began to write a character “LIFE” continuously on small pieces of paper to pray for children who died due to hunger-related causes. One day when I gazed at many of the “LIFE” pieces on a wall in my studio, each of the characters looked like faces and figures of people. At that moment, I have just thought of an idea that I would express diversity of our society through my works. All of the characters are the same, “LIFE” but each one has different expression on various kinds of paper from around the world. 

Due to the expansion of the Internet, everyone had got an opportunity to transmit his (her) own thoughts to the world. I hoped it would widen diversity of our society. But ironically, people gathered together for the same values, and became indifferent and intolerant to others. As a result, our society is loosing its diversity and open-mindedness. If there are a hundred people, there are a hundred ways of life. From this point of view, for this exhibition I am showing a series of artworks featuring the character “生” (life).

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