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This site, created in Milan and Lugano by four European calligraphers, began in 2006 with the aim of promoting and supporting the study of Japanese calligraphy.

The purpose of the “Cultural association”, born in 2007, is to contribute to a more in-depth, mutual, intercultural understanding between Europe and the Far East, in particular between Italy and Japan, through shows, workshops, lectures on Oriental arts and, most of all, through the spreading and practice of calligraphy.

The main language of the website is Italian, at present, partially due to the difficulties involved in obtaining pertinent texts and contributions in other languages in our part of the world. There are some pages in Japanese and English.


Calligrapher Bruno Riva

Confederation of European Calligraphy (CEC)

The Stolen Character (“Il segno rubato”)
Third Far-East calligraphy exhibition promoted by the European Confederation of Calligraphy together with the cultural association Milan, April 16 to 26, 2008

THE JAPANESE CHARACTER. LIFE AND CALLIGRAPHY by Kounan Kuwahara (Japan Educational Calligraphy Federation)